There has been a significant gap in the current generation of educational student information systems (SIS) and we have been solving the problem; sharing of student data across Boards/Colleges/Schools. We have worked with numerous school boards and colleges across Ontario to develop effective solutions to these problems for eLearning and Dual Credit programs.

PRISM is a centralized cross institution student information system providing registration, communication, tracking, and reporting platform, used by School Boards, Colleges and Consortium.

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Why prism?


Cross Institution Communication

PRISM provides a flexible and unique communication module that issues notifications to all necessary stakeholders from all institutions involved seamlessly.

Sharing Students Across Boards

PRISM removes any difficulty sharing student data for course registrations across Schools, Boards, Colleges, and other institutions. PRISM saves valuable time and ensures data security.

Multiple Grading Systems

PRISM offers multiple grading schemes including module based to standard midterm and final marks.

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