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Website Tools

JIC Design offers numerous website tools to enhance your visitors experience with your website. By properly marketing, adding functionality, integrating with social media, or creating a community you can build strong loyal relationships with your website visitors or customers that will keep them coming back and telling their friends about your website.

Blogs: GIve your company a personality

Add a blog to your personal or business website and at the same time add personality. Use it to showcase your new products or services, share any expansion plans, boast about awards you have received, write 'did you know' articles about your products and comment on industry news to position yourself as an expert in your field. This can help to build trust and interest in your brand and company.

Share and Like Buttons: Social content sharing

By adding social sharing buttons from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a variety of social bookmarking sites, you are enabling your visitors to share your content for you, significantly widening your reach with little effort. Facebook 'like' buttons will enable your visitors to share recommendations about your products and brand.

Widgets: Liven up your website

Widgets can breathe life into your website by adding something visual, audio or with movement and usability. They add value by incorporating external content, such as a YouTube video, or a Google map. Showing a video of someone using your product could prove a very powerful sales tool.

Forums: Create a support community

Add a forum to your business site and encourage users to interact with you and each other. A forum is a great community platform for users to share information and ask questions. You could even use it for a customer support tool, where you may find that some helpful users will answer questions for you, therefore helping each other.

RSS Feeds: Fresh and relevant content for your site

An RSS feed will push content from one website into another. So for example, by adding an RSS feed from a news website that's related to your products, you could have current, relevant content regularly updating on your website. This is a good way to improve your search engine rankings.

Newsletters: Keep your visitors informed

Regularly emailing your visitors is a great way to stay in touch and keep them informed and interested in your business. Let them know about your latest news, products and promotions, and send exclusive discount offers. You can place a 'subscribe to newsletter' web form on your website to build up your marketing base.

Google Analytics: Learn and use customer behavior to improve your business

We can add Google's advanced analytics tool to your personal or business website. Once activated you will receive a variety of data about customer behavior on your website such as how long they spent on your site, where they have come from, what your most popular content is, the keywords mostly searched to reach your site, your most viewed and purchased products and much more. This information, also displayed in handy graphs and charts, can help you to understand and improve areas of your website and marketing campaigns in order to increase conversions.

Online Payments via PayPal

Not only can your customers purchase items from your website, but we can update your database with customer and transaction information through PayPal. With our assistance, this information can lead to many returning customers and an increase in sales. Whether you are selling a single item or need a custom shopping cart, we can help make your business a success!

Google AdWords: Advertise through search

Google AdWords: Advertise through search

Google Maps API: Show your location

The Google Maps API lets you embed Google Maps on your website. It allows you to manipulate the map just like on the and adding content to the map, allowing you to create robust maps applications on your website.

Recaptcha: Protect your web forms

Have you ever had to enter a CAPTCHA into a web form? A CAPTCHA is usually located at the bottom of the form to protect the form and looks like an image of a bunch of random letters, numbers, or words. We can embed reCAPTCHA within your website in order to protect them against spam and other types of automated form abuse.