Mobile Web Design

Mobile websites are the perfect way to reach your increasingly tech-savvy audience.

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Mobile Web Design

Did you know that there will be almost four billion worldwide mobile devices in use this year? Your potential clients are using these devices to send and receive information and it is paramount for your business to consider mobile compatible websites to sell your products or services. It’s clear that companies who take the extra effort to accommodate mobile users will benefit from extra traffic, visibility and revenue. Did you know mobile phones use mobile websites instead of normal websites when available? These mobile websites are different from normal websites, and are designed specially for mobile phones since mobile devices have smaller screens, are less powerful and have lower bandwidth speeds. Research has shown current websites cannot be used on mobile phones effectively.

Have you taken the time to view your website on a mobiles device? You were probably not impressed. Mobile websites are the perfect way to reach your increasingly tech-savvy audience or offer customers an additional point of contact, and we can help. JIC Design offers a range of custom mobile website design solutions starting from simple information websites to large websites, all platform-independent. We design clean, efficient and professional mobile websites by focusing on the user’s experience, so your customers can easily view and navigate through your website on their mobile phone. We create small-sized, fast loading mobile web pages and ensure easy navigation through better interlinking throughout your mobile web pages. We can also convert your present website to a mobile compatible website to make it more mobile friendly, usually without much effort.