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Website Promotion for SEO

Website promotion focuses on “off-page” factors like directory submission, search engine submission, and link popularity. However, for effective website promotion, website optimization and a search engine optimization analysis should be completed first.

Directory submission involves creating unique website descriptions and submitting your website to multiple directories for link popularity. We research the industry to find the most popular and relevant directories and ensure your site is submitted to the most appropriate category in each directory. We then submit your website to the industry specific directories we discovered, local directories, major Internet directories, and the Open Directory (DMOZ).
Search engine submission involves manually submitting your website to the most popular free search engines so they get indexed as soon as possible.

In addition to submitting your website to directories, websites in highly competitive search terms require a comprehensive link popularity campaign. Link popularity plays a major role in achieving a top search engine ranking. For a website to rank well, the SEO must understand how content, link popularity, page reputation, and page importance work together in determining the relevancy of your website. The website must be linked to established websites that already have been indexed by the search engine, and who have relevant content, related to your website. Links from relevant sites are considered to be ‘more relevant’ by the search engines and will help your rankings improve.

Our link popularity campaign will help you obtain listings on high-quality sites, which complement your business. If a website or page has no popularity score, it is usually because the website or page is new or is under a search engine penalty for infringing search engines rules. We will increase your website’s link popularity so it get more relevant incoming links that will further propel search engine placement and PageRank.