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Website Optimization for SEO

One aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) is “on-pagewebsite optimization. The strategy to “on-page” SEO for your website depends on numerous unique factors like the number of competitors, optimal key phrases, target audience, type of market, type of site and many others. However, there are some common steps taken for website optimization including content optimization, HTML code optimization, Meta tag optimization, site navigation optimization, and descriptive site map optimization.

Content optimization involves adding industry related keywords into the existing web content to make your web page more relevant to the search engine spider for the specific industry. We recommend an SEO guideline for existing pages that do not have enough relevant keywords or key phrases and when writing new pages. If it is necessary, we will provide essential recommendations to write optimized quality content that is relevant, useful to visitors and reflecting your company image to the best advantage. Moreover, there is no doubt that your website content will be written so that it will help the best positioning. Writing effective search engine optimized content is a unique process that requires extensive training and practice to attain maximum competency. An important part of content optimization is anchor text or hyperlinks text. Writing descriptive, keyword-rich anchor text (or hyperlinks text ) can be very beneficial helping the search engines rank your site as a whole rather than each page separately – as well helping the ranking of the linked pages.

Many existing websites aesthetically look great, especially with the help of stylesheets, javascript and Flash. However, search engine spiders have difficulty understanding and reading these types of files and because of that, your website may not be reaching its potential search engine placement. Therefore, we will optimize your source pages and HTML code as necessary and will optimize other tags like Header, bold, strong tags, alt tags specifically with search engines in mind.

Meta tags are extremely important in certain search engine algorithms, but more importantly to the potential visitor to your website. When a potential visitor has searched for your keyword in a search engine, the search engine result page (SERP) gives them the title and a description (either the Meta tag description or “on-page” content) of your website along with the same information from numerous other websites. Therefore, these tags must attract and appeal to the user for your website to be successful from a marketing point of view. We feel page titles should be equally descriptive and keyword rich as the content without overdoing it. The keyword Meta tag should not be “stuffed” with keywords but rather comprise a balanced set of keywords that can actually be found in the content of the web page. The description Meta tag should mention what can be found on the page.

The website navigation should be intuitive and easily located. Visitors should know where they are on your website and know how to get where they want to go on your website. The same holds for search engine spiders. Our designers will coordinate their ideas and designs with you to produce the right look for your website. This could be a complement to your existing graphics or a new, fresh approach. The colour scheme, graphics, layout and text will reflect the marketing objectives determined previously.

An easy way to have all the content available for a search engine spider is through a descriptive site map. JIC Design will create a site map for your website and label each section using descriptive and necessary keywords.