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Search Engine Optimization Maintenance

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process and must be monitored and re-visited regularly. In order to achieve high search engine placements Meta tags need to be optimized as well as your competitions results and your website must be constantly fine tuned. Maintenance is one of the most important aspects of SEO along with SEO analysis,website optimization and website promotion.

Search Engine Optimization does not end with the initial website construction. Since search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and refreshing their index and your competitors are anxious to get to the top of the search results, SEO maintenance should be done regularly. The time span for maintenance will vary depending on the marketing niche and how highly-competitive the keywords and key phrases are.

Website search engine placement will constantly change. The site might have a good spot today, but that may change as more sites get listed in this category or the search engine algorithm changes. Therefore, if your website does not have what the search engines are looking for after their algorithm changes, then the website position could drop. It is necessary to monitor the website’s positioning and traffic statistics frequently and implement periodic positioning maintenance.

JIC Design’s Search Engine Optimization Maintenance Plans will continually assess your site listing to keep it in its proper place, at the top. JIC Design will analyze your website’s positioning and traffic statistics so we can optimize pages whenever necessary. Your keywords and their rankings in the major search engines are analyzed to ensure that any necessary changes are made to maintain high positioning. These changes could encompass content changes, coding changes or other processes determined to be necessary to maintain or enhance your search engine rankings.

Your website also needs to be kept current so that it is interesting to your visitors. New products, improved features, or better applications are all reasons that your web pages may need to be updated. The user is the beneficiary of this kind of change and more likely to come back for more information.

Search Engine Optimization Maintenance Plans:

  • One month SEO Maintenance Plan – $400.00
  • Three month SEO Maintenance Plan – $1000.00
  • Six month SEO Maintenance Plan – $2000.00
  • One year SEO Maintenance Plan – $4000.00