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Search Engine Optimization Analysis

JIC Design is a company who knows the value of optimizing your website’s return on investment (ROI). In order to achieve optimum ROI results, the optimization process begins in the early stages of development, prior to creating the website design. A necessity to maximizing your ROI is finding your marketing niche and determining how that target market influences the content, layout, and overall website design. Therefore, we will determine yourmarketing objectives and the primary goals for the website (ie. provide product details, promote a product, generate direct sales, or provide branding).

The first step to receive more traffic from the search engines begins with a complete search engine optimization (SEO) analysis and evaluation of your existing website. A customized website review will reveal precisely the optimization required to give your website a top search engine position. All website SEO critique is professionally formatted and individualized to your website’s HTML coding, page content, current positions, current traffic statistics, etc.
Before any recommendations are given, JIC Design collaborates with you and together, we will determine the keywords and key phrases people type in search engines when they are searching online for products and services you or your business offer. We will then do a complete keyword analysis to identify the best keywords or key phrases for your business taking into consideration three important factors:

  • What are the most relevant keywords or key phrases for this page in order of importance?
  • What is the popularity of each of these keywords or key phrases?
  • How much competition does each of these keywords or key phrases have?

We generate a comprehensive list of related keywords or key phrases based on those used on the major search engines. We analyze search engine databases to determine variations on those keywords and key phrases. We determine the best phrases to use to optimize your website by searching for key phrases that are relevant to your business using software and search engine data (Overture’s word suggestion tool and WordTracker). It is important to target keywords that will improve the visibility of your website twofold. First, your Internet business should see an increase in ROI. Second, the website should see an increase in relevant users since they found the website from a relevant search string.

A major factor for providing an individualized SEO analysis is your competitors’ websites. We carefully assess your online competitors’ sites, their strengths and weaknesses. We analyze the top search engine ranked websites to determine what it will take to build a website that ranks higher for the target search. By looking at the top competitors, we help decide how to allocate your resources.
An evaluation of your existing website is a necessity. We will assess your website’s strengths and weaknesses in design, content organization, and website navigation and examine the site’s code to discover if any changes need to be made. We will also assess the current keyword optimization of the index page and analyze the keyword density and individual weight of other web pages. Finally, a full link analysis for site popularity, number of total inbound links from other web sites, and PageRank will be performed.

A statistical analysis on your website is important as we provide stats of how your website currently ranks in the major search engines for targeted keywords and key phrases. This analysis will also confirm whether your website has been indexed by search engines or not and how many pages are actually indexed by major search engines. We will also analyze traffic statistics to determine how visitors got to your website and where visitors are leaving your website.