What is Google Apps

Google Apps is a suite of Google applications that brings together essential services to help your business.

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What is Google Apps?

Google Apps is a group of online messaging and collaboration applications specifically designed for businesses. Google Apps includes the following suite of applications: Gmail for businesses, Calendar, Docs, Groups, Sites, and Video. Google Apps also offers the Google Apps Marketplace which allows third-party applications such as accounting tools and customer relationship management software to intregrate with Google Apps.

Google Apps Products Suite:

Gmail for businesses

contains 25 GB of storage, powerful spam filtering, Google-powered search and integrates instant messaging and video chat. Gmail also syncs automatically with Outlook and most mobile devices (Blackberry, iPhone, and Android) without the need to ever physically connect the device to a computer.

Google Calendar

is a web-based calendar application that enables users to schedule appointments easily since it integrates with Gmail as well as Outlook. Calendars can be shared company wide so employees can easily facilitate their schedules with their colleagues. View and edit event details, add new events, and invite guests on mobile devices like BlackBerry, iPhone and Android. Even receive calendar notifications via text message.

Google Docs

includes Google's web-based word processor, spreadsheets, and presentation software. By using a cloud computing model, multiple users can all edit the same document in real time rather than being forced to email attachments back and forth. Since Google Docs allows collaboration in real-time, a company's efficiency and productivity are dramatically increased. Additionally, since the files are securely hosted on the internet, the latest version of the file can be accessed on any computer anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Google Docs includes an import function so all your Microsoft Office files can be uploaded and hosted on the cloud. Google Docs also works offline, so you can still access and edit your files if you are in an area without an internet connection.

Google Groups

facilitates communications between employees. Google Groups can be used to create email lists, share documents, calendars, and videos between group members. Google Groups also acts as a central discussion forum where team members can share information.

Google Sites

allows companies to organize information efficiently, which can be shared with employees. Google Sites acts as a private, secure central location that is used primarily for use within the company for information such as announcements, documents, presentations, videos, and slideshows.

Google Video

allows employees to securely share videos without exposing confidential information. Google Video is powered by the web, so they are accessible from anywhere including at a desk, on the road and at home. Another important feature is that the videos will work across operating systems as it works in browsers on a PC, Mac and Linux computers.

Apps Marketplace

contains additional Apps, created by third-party developers but have been approved by Google, that integrate with Google Apps. Examples of these apps include accounting or project management systems, CRM, payroll systems, and electronic faxes.