Tips For Online Article Writing

Tips For Online Article Writing

A great way to receive links and increase the number of backlinks to your website is by submitting articles you have written to article directories. This technique is being utilized extensively by the search marketing community. But don’t forget, to receive quality backlinks from quality sites, you should commit a significant amount of time and research into your article. Find out what’s popular and topics that are being searched. Also, write articles about topics no one else has…being an authority on a topic can be extremely rewarding, no matter how insignificant you may think the area is. I have listed some tips below to help increase your backlink count from republishers.

    1. Request Credit

Be clear and request credit to anyone republishing your content. Let them know that you expect a link to the content or to a specific page on your site. Also, take a proactive role and use the search engines to find which websites are republishing your content without crediting you.

    1. Create Multi-Part Articles

A great way to get traffic to your site is to create a multi-part article, and only submit part 1 to the directories. That way, once users read part 1, if they are interested they will go to your site to read the rest. This technique does also allow legitimate backlinking to your own site for the other article parts.

    1. Give Praise Where It’s Due

Link to others! If you found a great resource that is on the topic, link to it. Look to link to bloggers as they have a greater likelihood of linking back to your website.

    1. Refer To Your Own Content

Link to your own content! By linking to previous relevant articles and pages you increase your backlink count, but also you will raise the level of your website to an authority on the topic. With practice it will become second nature to link to your own content. However, use backlinks wisely as editors will remove unnecessary links.

    1. Optimize The Title

The article title must clearly relay the article topic as well as engage the readers. Don’t forget about Search Engine Optimization! Many sites will link back to you with either your profile or the article use good keywords.

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